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Welcome to Rockford Masonic Lodge Online!

“Associate yourself with men of good quality, if you esteem your own reputation. It is better to be alone than in bad company.”
Brother George Washington

It is with great delight that we welcome you to Rockford Lodge No. 469, Free and Accepted Masons, in the City of Rockford, Tennessee. Located about 10 miles south of Knoxville, Tennessee, in beautiful Blount County, Rockford Lodge was established on November 18th, 1875. The Lodge has been in continuous operation in this community since then with a proud past and a bright future. Rockford Lodge prides itself as a place where Masons Meet, Work Well Together & Have Fun. It is the place where a working brother can find a friendly family.

As its mission, Rockford Lodge seeks to provide a strong fraternal experience to all its brothers, families, friends and community by supporting, imparting and nurturing various improvement, growth and enrichment experiences. This mission is augmented by the Lodge’s values of Family, Friendship and Charity.

The membership of Rockford Lodge has been, by far, the most valuable asset. The Lodge has been the center of Masonic activity and interest from the earliest times to the present. Both the Lodge and the fraternity have changed over the years, but the essential relation of the Lodge to the organization as a whole has remained constant. It is still the basic place of assembly: where Masons are made, where they meet, and where they work.

The Freemasons are the oldest and most widely known fraternal organization in the world. Symbolically, the Craft dates back to the days of Solomon and his building of the first temple in Jerusalem. The oldest document that makes reference to Masons is the Regius Poem, circa 1390 A.D. The illustrious roots of the organization date to when its members were operative Masons who built castles and cathedrals throughout Europe in the Middle Ages. The foundation of the ritual is based on the story of the building of King Solomon’s Temple. It incorporates metaphors with symbolic meaning from architecture, engineering, masonry and construction. It uses the signs and words developed by the Masonic guilds as methods of recognition and the language evolved from a number of sources.

Masonry is the world’s first and largest fraternal organization. It is a body of knowledge and a system of ethics based on the belief that each man has a responsibility to improve himself while being devoted to his family, faith, country, and fraternity.

As Masons, we lead by example, give back to our communities, and support numerous Masonic philanthropies. We invest in children, our neighborhoods, and our future. A warm fraternal greeting is sent out from our Brethren to all Freemasons and our hospitality is open to all wishing to visit with us.

As we say down South, “Come and sit a spell with us!” You’ll be glad you did!

Come and Visit with Us
We Eat at 6PM on the Second Thursday of every month!

  • The Worshipful Master, Bro. Chip Hatcher, may be reached by calling (865) 456-5608 and by email at: jfhatcher3 at yahoo dot com
  • The Senior Warden, Bro. Mark Dixon, may be reached by calling (865) 414-0811 and by email at: dixonmktj at gmail dot com
  • The Junior Warden, Bro. Tim Webb, may be reached by calling (865) 978-0792 and by email at: tw2659 at yahoo dot com
  • The Lodge Treasurer, Bro. Jason Deck, may be reached by calling (865) 314-2376 and by email at: jasondeck510 at comcast dot com
  • The Lodge Secretary, Bro. Mike Weems, may be reached by calling (865) 414-6532 and by email at: mgweems at bellsouth dot net
  • Rockford Lodge No. 469 is located at 3741 Old Knoxville Hwy, Rockford, TN
  • Direct all Lodge regular mail to: 2634 Druid Hill Drive, Maryville, TN 37804
  • Click Here for Rockford Lodge’s Facebook Page

Rockford Lodge Monthly Schedule

  • Officers’ Meeting: 1st Tuesdays at 6:00 PM
  • Masonic Education: 1st Thursdays at 7:00 PM
  • Stated Meeting: 2nd Thursdays at 7:00 PM
  • Ritual Practice: 3rd Thursdays at 7:00 PM
  • Order of the Eastern Star: 2nd Tuesdays at 7:30 PM

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